Pinky Lark Farnum

My goal is to create stunning floral designs inspired by art and nature and tailored to every client's unique point of view.

Designer and Owner, Pinky Farnum, works with each client individually to create an ambiance that not only showcases the beauty of seasonal blooms, but reflects the unique personalities of her clients. She draws upon her background in art, fashion, and event management as well as the landscape of her native Los Angeles to make her clients’ visions come alive. She enjoys taking risks with unexpected materials whenever the opportunity arises. With a belief that building strong relationships with all clients results in the best floral outcome, Pinky looks forward to getting to know all her clients as much as she does bringing their floral dreams to life.

Working with Pinky

"Working with Pinky was absolute perfection. I had a clear idea of the vibe I was hoping for in my winter wedding in Lake Tahoe, but was completely lost on details. Pinky thought of everything and was always able to tweak, add, or adjust things as new ideas came to mind - all the while keeping my budget in check and providing creative solutions to say within it. Not all designers would load up a rental van with your blooms and drive 8 hours (and over Donner Pass in a rain storm) to beautify your big day - however, Pinky is not only a brilliant designer, but one of the most genuine and caring souls I have met. She treats her clients as though they are family, and creates her floral designs with love and true professionalism. Thank you, Pinky, for beautifying my wedding day and making the entire planning experience one I will never forget."

-Monica (Bride)

"I don't even know where to start. Apart from you being the sweetest, most beautiful person-- your flowers and styling were like an absolute fairytale. I cannot believe how out of this world gorgeous everything you did was. The flowers people couldn't get over. I couldn't get over them. There were so many little details and touches... Everything exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. George and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating such a magical, stunning evening. Your work truly set this wedding apart and was definitely a defining feature."

-Tracy (Bride)

"Lark Farnum was a joy to work with. Pinky is more than an artist... She is a great listener, communicator, and creative problem solver, which allowed her to understand our budget while still creating the "vision" for our wedding we had in mind. In addition, she's a wonderful person who works tirelessly to make sure her clients are happy... I looked forward to having conversations over coffee just as much as seeing the final, beautiful product my now husband and I experienced on our wedding day!"

- Christie (Bride)

"Working with Pinky was such a delight. I knew the general vibe I wanted for the decor at my wedding, but Pinky made the vision come alive. Not only did she listen to my ideas and help me sort through all the options, she brought ideas to me that were exactly what I wanted. Her designs were unique and gorgeous, and I received endless compliments on them from wedding guests. I could not have been happier with how the flowers turned out!"

-Kate (Bride)

"Pinky was the dream florist for my wedding. I articulated my vision to her and she immediately exceeded my expectations. It's safe to say that her arrangements were one of the most beautiful parts of my special day. I received as many compliments on them as I did on my dress!"

-Sonny (Bride)

I am lucky enough to have known Pinky for a long time, and luckier still that she is an incredible floral designer! When I started planning my wedding, I never even considered looking at any other florists. She worked with me to really clarify and solidify the vision I had and was extremely creative within my budget to achieve what I wanted. It was such a dream to see exactly what I had envisioned come together on my wedding day, from the decorative garlands to the centerpieces. My flower crown and bridal bouquet were more gorgeous than I even imagined. She worked so hard, and always with a smile. She was such a pleasure to work with, and her designs really made the whole day as beautiful as it could be.

-Sydney (Bride)

Pinky did the flowers for our wedding and we couldn't be happier with the results.  She captured our vision perfectly (making sunflowers look elegant without being super rustic is no easy feat) and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was able to make our wedding beautiful while still sticking to our budget.  Pinky is extremely organized and really knows her stuff-we would absolutely hire her again!

-Gabrielle (Bride)

Thank you again for all your hard work and support for my wedding! I know I couldn't have enacted my floral vision without you - and that is the truth. Thank you SO MUCH for doing all you could to make it work, and for making my wedding day extra special. I absolutely ADORED my bouquet, and the flower crown was perfect. It was just that special touch that will always stay with me.

-Laura (Bride)

Thank you for your thoughtful, and beautiful work on M and M's backyard wedding. The arrangements struck just the right balance between their desire to keep things simple and our desire to make the day special.  It was such a pleasure to work with you from start to completion.  Thanks for your skill, creativity, and intuition.

-Laurie and Neal (Parents of the Groom)